Avoiding The Purchase of Counterfeit Military Components

Posted by Jeff / on 05/24/2013 / 0 Comments

One of the biggest threats to the production of quality military products is the sale and use of counterfeit products. The highest volume of counterfeit products is typically seen in the obsolete components market, of which there are many in the military industry. The effects of using military products with fake parts can be catastrophic and cause the loss of life and as a by-product, ruin the reputation of the manufacturer.

Manufacturers of military products are finding that the best solution to the problem counterfeit components present is to hire a reliable electronic components distributor that specializes in supplying military components. Prior to selecting the best distributor for the job, it is important to qualify them by checking their experience, quality assurance program, affordability, compliance adherence, inventory and overall client experience. All of these factors add up to whether or not the distributor will be able to contribute to the manufacturer’s efficiency or hurt it.

Experience is an important factor, especially in the military industry. It is beneficial to have a distributor that specializes in buying and selling military parts and that has been around for a significant amount of time. The test of time is not only important to qualify them as someone knowledgeable in the business but also as someone that is able to follow the rapidly changing market trends successfully.

Furthermore, experience typically indicates how good the distributor’s quality assurance program and compliance standards are. Quality assurance and testing programs are crucial in the electronics industry to weed out any counterfeit components. Reliable distributors test all components that enter their facilities by performing both physical tests such as x-ray and verifying OEM markings, in addition to electronic testing over temperature. Additionally, they comply with all government regulations as well as set strict requirements in-house for their staff.

Affordability is also a large factor in the decisions but most manufacturers understand that if a price is too low, the quality of the service is likely to be poor. Remember, counterfeit components are typically significantly below the market price of an authentic component.

Quality components must also come at an affordable price from a supplier that knows the market trends. With over 70 years in the business, Harry Krantz Company understands the military component market and is able to advise their customers on when to best buy, sell or keep their components.


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