Buying and Selling Obsolete Electronic Components

Posted by Jeff / on 07/17/2013 / 0 Comments

The increased demand for new technology is the prominent reason for electronic components becoming obsolete, or no longer being produced by the original manufacturer. Other reasons for obsolescence include government and environmental bans. Regardless of the reason an electronic component becomes obsolete, chances are it is still necessary for the production of some electronic products. As the supply of these components becomes diminished, manufacturers often enter a state of panic as their options of obtaining such components become limited.

Unfortunately, obsolete electronic components are often duplicated, making them counterfeit and a danger to the functionality of the finished product they are a part of. The danger lies in the misfiring of the product and the catastrophe that would cause, especially in the production of military and aerospace technology. To avoid the sale and use of counterfeit components, it is important to have each component you purchase tested.

Quality assurance testing can be a costly and tedious process, but it is necessary. To avoid having to use their own resources for testing, many manufacturers are beginning to hire reliable and knowledgeable electronic component distributors. These distributors understand the market trends and how to best avoid purchasing counterfeit obsolete electronic components.

A good distributor can provide quality components in a timely manner and educate you on any market trends you should be aware of, including when to sell, keep or buy more of a certain product. When researching your options, be sure to check the distributor's experience and reputation. It is suggested that you check their government compliance and quality standards to ensure that they are providing legitimate service.

Checking those factors can give you a good idea of whether or not this is the company you would like to go in business with. Keep in mind that the distributor you choose to hire will become a part of your team and be partially responsible for the efficiency of your production. Therefore, they will have a part in building up your good reputation or diminishing it.

If you haven't found the right distributor for your company yet, Harry Krantz Company has over 70 years of experience in obtaining obsolete components. They comply with all government regulations and their counterfeit assurance program is strict and thorough to ensure their clients' satisfaction.


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