How to Sell Electronic Parts Efficiently and Make A Profit

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Whether you are selling the newest electronic components or those that have become obsolete and are taking up space on your shelf, you can get help selling them. One of the most cost efficient ways of selling a component is through excess inventory consignment services, which are typically provided by electronic component distributors that are knowledgeable in the industry. These services allow you to sell your electronic parts without having to invest money into marketing them yourselves.

What is excess inventory consignment?

As a manufacturer, you probably have electronic components on your shelves that you are not sure whether you should keep them, sell them or buy more of them. If you think you need to sell them, you can contact a company that offers excess inventory consignment services and put up your authentic components for sale. The company typically only makes money when the product is sold by keeping a percentage of the sale price. In order to sell the components, the company - typically an electronic component distributor - uses their network of buyers as well as other marketing resources to sell your product.

What are the benefits of using this program?

The primary benefit of using excess inventory consignment to sell electronic parts is getting your shelf space freed up for other, necessary parts and products. Additionally, you continue to own the components until the point of sale, so you are always able to change your mind. You are also not losing any money as you typically only pay the distributor once the product is sold. Lastly, you are getting invaluable insight of professionals on which components you should keep, get more of, or sell.

If you are considering selling your excess inventory, find a distributor that has ample experience and knowledge in selling components. Also, be sure to check their government compliance standards as well as reputation. You want to ensure that your good reputation isn't tarnished due to a distributor's poor conduct.

Harry Krantz Company is an exemplary electronic component distributor that has over 70 years of experience in excess inventory consignment. Their expert ability to help companies sell electronic parts streams from the large network of buyers they have worldwide as well as their continuous marketing efforts. Furthermore, their knowledge of market trends enables them to advise the companies wishing to sell on when it is best to keep, buy, or sell certain components.


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