Managing Obsolete Electronic Components Through Consignment Partnerships

Posted by Jeff / on 11/07/2013 / 0 Comments

With the ever-changing nature of technology today, it is not unusual for electronic components to become obsolete before manufacturers can get them off the shelf. Obsolete Electronic Components can develop into excess inventory and cause roadblocks for electronic manufacturers, as they tend to accumulate rather quickly and have already been paid for. To ensure a profit back on your obsolete items, and maintain the highest quality of production and inventory management, a consignment partnership with a reputable electronic distributor may be your best bet.

When electronic manufacturers find themselves with excess inventory, many let it go too long before properly handling the items. When ignored, excess inventory can do a lot of damage. Obsolete items that are not managed correctly take up space in a manufacturer's stock and can ultimately result in a significant profit loss. Through consignment partnerships, manufacturers can obtain ownership of the items they wish to sell until a distributor makes the final sale for them. Some distributors also offer outright purchasing where they will offer a manufacturer a flat rate for the excess products. Choosing an Obsolete Electronic Components distributor is an important decision that will protect your brand and your reputation. If you are looking for a distributor that offers consignment services, it is important to research your options. An established distributor is one with a substantial inventory, reputable experience. Another big factor to look at when choosing a distributor is their counterfeit avoidance strategies. Counterfeit components are a constant issue plaguing the electronic industry and you want to make sure you are working with a company that practices thorough detection methods against inauthentic products.


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