Why Working With A QSLD Certified Company Makes A Difference

Posted by Jeff / on 10/16/2013 / 0 Comments

Forming a relationship with an electronic component distributor takes time, research and careful selection. You want to work with a distributor who is trusted and knows what they are doing to provide you with the best products and service. Working with a qualified and experienced distributor can eliminate a lot of stress when it comes to obtaining electronic components, no matter what industry you are in, but especially when working with government and military systems. When a distributor offers an extensive inventory, it can eliminate the need to work with several companies, and an experienced distributor with secure counterfeit protection will give you the comfort of knowing you are handling only authentic parts.

The Defense Logistics Agency chooses a small selection of distributors they deem eligible to join the Defense Logstics Agency and Maritime's Qualified Suppliers List of Distributors (QSLD). Before being added to the list, each distributor is closely evaluated by the Defense Logistics Agency to ensure their products are provided by suppliers that value commercial practices and quality assurance procedures that measure up to both industry and international quality standards. When a distributor is deemed fit, the qualification lasts for three years before a new audit must be completed for renewal. A routine renewal ensures that the distributor is still using the same quality practices and management that qualified them in the first place. Choosing a distributor certified by the Defense Logistics Agency offers companies a certain peace of mind where you know you are receiving quality customer service.

Long Island-based Harry Krantz Company received the QSLD certification after a comprehensive audit with the Defensive Logistics Agency in March 2013. According to the Defense Logstics Agency, This Company is a qualified distributor eligible to supply Federal Stock Class (FSC) 5961 and 5962, military and commercial grade product. Harry Krantz Company is one of the largest electronic component distributors in the world today, specializing in military and high reliability components. With more than 70 years of experience in the electronic industry, the professionals strive to provide dedicated and personal service to every client. Through proper quality management, secure item detection and analysis and careful inventory management, this Company continues to remain at the top of the electronic industry. For more information on their services, call 516-742-6300.


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