Why You Should Have a Dedicated Electronic Component Supplier

Posted by Jeff / on 07/30/2013 / 0 Comments

The acquisition of electronic components and products can be a frustrating task for the manufacturer. It is especially so due to the increasingly rapid changes in the technology industry. As the demand for faster, smarter and sleeker technology increases exponentially, the life span of many electronic components decreases as they become obsolete.

Obsolete electronic components are parts that are no longer being produced by the original manufacturer. Because the production of those components is ceased, the supply goes down rapidly, especially if it is a part that is still necessary for the manufacturing of other products. Many manufacturers struggle with the task of finding and purchasing such components at a fair market price.

Several factors contribute to the difficulty of acquiring these components. Often, due to the scarcity of needed obsolete components, their prices go up above what is profitable for manufacturers. Some components are at a fair market price or below, but there is a possibility that they are counterfeit. The production of counterfeit obsolete components is not a rare practice and has caused turmoil in the technology manufacturing industry. The use of counterfeit components and products is prohibited and dangerous as it can cause injury and in some cases, loss of life.

Therefore, it is vital to have a dedicated electronic component supplier who can be trusted with finding necessary components, authenticating them properly and delivering them in a timely manner. While some manufacturers choose to hire in-house, an increasing number of manufacturers are seeing the benefit of hiring a third-party, professional company that has the resources and knowledge necessary to help you find the right components at a fair price.

Some suppliers also offer value-added services such as scheduled delivery and excess inventory consignment. Both of these services can be helpful with increasing the efficiency of your production while minimizing your costs. Be sure to thoroughly research your options prior to making the decision of which supplier to hire.

Harry Krantz Company is an electronic component supplier with over 70 years of experience serving manufacturers in various industries. Their key to time-proven success is becoming part of the manufacturer's team and rather than being on the sidelines, they get involved in improving their clients' overall efficiency by providing them the exact services they need. Furthermore, they are in compliance with all applicable government regulations, ensuring that their reputation, as well as their clients' is not compromised.


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